The Multipotentialite Scale

I just took the Multipotentialite quiz at provided by Emilie Wapnick, after I watched her interesting TED Talk.

My Results

You scored somewhere in the middle of the Simultaneous-Sequential spectrum. You’re a mixed-style multipotentialite!

Some multipotentialites just like to mix up the way they work. These mixed-style multipotentialites are not totally into the simultaneous style (a million projects on the go at once) or totally into the sequential style (usually keeping to one or two main endeavors at once).

Mixed-style multipotentialites…

  • Are happiest when they have a few different projects on their plate at any given time.
  • Love variety, but get overwhelmed when they have too much.
  • Sometimes go through periods where they are juggling a bunch of different projects and periods where they are deeply invested in a single thing.

As a multipotentialite, you have cool superpowers, specific needs, and unique challenges. And there are so many other people like you!

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