‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions

Within hours of our first iPhone application going live, we had our first enquiry and our first product improvement suggestion. It was 2007 and ‘Panorama’ sold over 150 copies in the first 48 hours. At $USD10 each, we were in the money … kind of. Rather than just pay big taxes on my share ofContinue reading “‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions”

Economic and Environmental Realities … and the way forward

I stumbled across a couple of interesting, moving articles this morning. Rod Oram’s commentary: How to solve our paradox of poverty and plenty https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2018/08/04/177680/how-to-solve-our-paradox-of-poverty-and-plenty Mark Thomas’ report from the World Cities Summit in Singapore ‘The business of smart city disruption’ https://thespinoff.co.nz/business/04-08-2018/the-business-of-smart-city-disruption/ I have been going through the free MOOC, ‘Circular Economy: An Introduction’ provided by TUContinue reading “Economic and Environmental Realities … and the way forward”

Learning from Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is an entrepreneur who built the billion dollar nutrition company, Quest Nutrition and went on to develop Impact Theory where he publishes podcast type videos including in-depth interviews with many highly successful people. This is quite an incredible (and inspiring) story of Bilyeu’s journey he gave as the keynote to Freedom Fast LaneContinue reading “Learning from Tom Bilyeu”

Professional rugby player’s in business

Several All Blacks and ex-All Blacks have tried and failed with business ventures. It’s tough out there. Being a professional rugby player is not really the best preparation for starting a business. But unless you want to get another job after retiring, you need to make investments with the money you made while playing orContinue reading “Professional rugby player’s in business”

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