Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling

DiSC is a 4 ‘style’ model where people are placed within 4 basic quadrants made up of: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Within each of these, there are 3 further divisions that are expressed in relation to the bordering quadrant. For example I’m plotted within the Di division of the Dominance quadrant, very close toContinue reading “Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling”

VIA Character Strength Profile

I completed the VIA Character Strength personality test at their website recently after a talk at my workplace. Follow the link on this page to take the free test. Results were pretty much as expected. 2. and 3. are particularly accurate – witnessed by the blog and by a relentless curiosity to pursue both professionalContinue reading “VIA Character Strength Profile”

Inner Wisdom – Tuning in to emotions and physical cues

I was fortunate to hear a talk about Inner Wisdom over the weekend at a conference. The presenter was telling her story and clearly there was a strong emotional component and later a breakthrough that gave things context and a powerful lesson. The lesson was that there are ways to tell if you are actingContinue reading “Inner Wisdom – Tuning in to emotions and physical cues”

Take care with what you listen to … and especially with what you say

There is a responsibility spectrum that accompanies thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We aren’t responsible for a lot of our thoughts because any random shit can pop into your head We take some level of responsibility for our Emotions because we can decide what we focus on We need to own our behavior Thoughts and exposureContinue reading “Take care with what you listen to … and especially with what you say”

Practical Body Language Tells & Other Tricks

[Initial List is from  Travis Bradbury’s 10 Harmless Mind Tricks that Make People Like You with my own notes added in] 1. When a group of people laughs, each member of the group can’t help but make eye contact with the person they feel closest to Observe relationships of all types See which members ofContinue reading “Practical Body Language Tells & Other Tricks”

Steven Pressfield

A great new discussion between author Steven Pressfield and Marie Forleo (details below): Topics covered include (in order) What we can and cannot control Finding your gift (passion) The ‘Resistance’ (9:25) Overcoming internal negative forces is more important than talent Resistance morphs over time and NEVER leaves us Resistance as the villain in the movieContinue reading “Steven Pressfield”

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