Seth Godin on where we need to focus

There’s a couple of simple gems in this short interaction from Seth Godin on the need to live the process – to just ‘show up’ – rather than to focus on the outcome. 1. Ignoring the masses actually requires that we ignore the outcome Early adopters are the ones who are drawn to innovation –Continue reading “Seth Godin on where we need to focus”

Are Flow States one result of following your calling?

There’s a lot written about Flow – that state in which you are at your most productive. Flow is a blissful state of balance, where you are fully immersed in a task, completely free from distracting thoughts. Flow states enable you to enjoy your work and perform at the peak of your potential. Research showsContinue reading “Are Flow States one result of following your calling?”

True Calling + Skills = Value

Robert Greene: [] The key to high level achievement in any field is to connect with what I call the Life’s Task, our vocation, what we are meant to do in this short time we have to live   What we need to do is find ways to adapt our career path, slowly direct itContinue reading “True Calling + Skills = Value”

Just start with a (small) garden

I saw this very cool looking kitchen-based hydroponic garden recently on LinkedIn and I couldn’t see why anyone would not want to have one of these in their kitchen. Of course there’s a big (sometimes huge) difference between a) wanting something that costs a certain amount of money and looks cool; and b) actually gettingContinue reading “Just start with a (small) garden”

The 4 metrics of success

The following passages are from the article: The 4 ways to measure real success. It seems that true success is closely aligned to where we see ourselves in the world and the impact we are having upon it. What Stevenson and Nash at Harvard Business School realized was that the most successful people actually use fourContinue reading “The 4 metrics of success”

The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase I

The (first) Enclosure … The dogs pretty much ran the rabbits out of town but it was always the birds who were the problem. Bob is a beautiful specimen for sure but him and his buddies are detrimental to ruin any efforts at growing vegetables without adequate protection. A large garden is a no-brainer whenContinue reading “The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase I”

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