Box Breathing – the ultimate between meetings gear up

Meetings where you’ve been required to focus your energy, contribute significantly, connect ideas in a high paced, collaborative environment with fast thinkers is taxing. I find it exhilarating being part of group flow. Feeling the energy surging around the room as ideas are shared, articulated, and placed spatially in the mind. Well that’s what happensContinue reading “Box Breathing – the ultimate between meetings gear up”

Speed Reading

So I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of Jim Kwik explaining ideas about memory/retention and learning. Then I watched a free Intro video from Mind Valley.[I’m a hound for free information] There’s a very long introduction and it’s a bit of an infomercial for the 21 Day Speed Reading Program but thankfully there’s plenty ofContinue reading “Speed Reading”

The absolute necessity of moving towards a goal task

From the moment you have an impulse to act on a goal, you’ve got 5 seconds to physically move before your brain’ll kill the impulse. Mel Robbins 1. The Impulse2. Gotta be tied to a goal (a thing you know you should do)3. Move – you gotta physically move4. The second you feel the impulse,Continue reading “The absolute necessity of moving towards a goal task”

Triggering the reward state before completing the task

Habits are generally accepted as the vehicle for achieving great things. We can often carry out a new task for a period but struggle to sustain it over time. I can’t count the times that I’ve started a new health & fitness regime only to be back where I started 2 weeks later. The keyContinue reading “Triggering the reward state before completing the task”

How to Find More Time for Your Side Projects by SUCHI RUDRA

The problem is that we don’t really understand where all our time goes—time flies when you’re having fun, or not. “We can’t make more time, but it will stretch to accommodate what we choose to put in it. The biggest challenge in finding extra time is deciding that you do have time to do whatContinue reading “How to Find More Time for Your Side Projects by SUCHI RUDRA”

Planning for success is planning for obstacles

My cousin told me recently in relation to coaching our local rugby team that “you don’t need to coach a maori on how to attack.” “They already know how to do that.” He was referring to the natural flair that the Maori people of New Zealand bring to the national sport of rugby. “You haveContinue reading “Planning for success is planning for obstacles”

Breaking bad habits is about replacement and repetition

I saw articles this morning citing a new study that focused on the replacing of (bad) eating habits with new (good) ones. New research has found weight-loss interventions that are founded on habit-change, (forming new habits or breaking old habits) may be effective at helping people lose weight and keep it off. No shit! InterventionsContinue reading “Breaking bad habits is about replacement and repetition”

Using Cognitive Science to change your behavior (notes from an excellent podcast)

Podcast Source: Author of Brain Briefs, Art Markman is featured in this 52 min podcast. A shortened transcript is available at Heleo. Here’s the notes I took while listening to this very insightful piece. Technique: Reflect on what regrets you might have late in life – and then set about doing/trying those things. BehavioralContinue reading “Using Cognitive Science to change your behavior (notes from an excellent podcast)”

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