Chris Guillebeau’s formula for finding your passion

Chris Guillebeau came up a basic three-way intersection in his book, ‘Born For This’. It’s the convergence of What we love doing [JOY] What we can make money doing [MONEY]; and Something you are really good at / that you get lost in [FLOW] Guillebeau explains his ideas in this 18min podast/interview with Marie Forleo:Continue reading “Chris Guillebeau’s formula for finding your passion”

Are Flow States one result of following your calling?

There’s a lot written about Flow – that state in which you are at your most productive. Flow is a blissful state of balance, where you are fully immersed in a task, completely free from distracting thoughts. Flow states enable you to enjoy your work and perform at the peak of your potential. Research showsContinue reading “Are Flow States one result of following your calling?”

True Calling + Skills = Value

Robert Greene: [] The key to high level achievement in any field is to connect with what I call the Life’s Task, our vocation, what we are meant to do in this short time we have to live   What we need to do is find ways to adapt our career path, slowly direct itContinue reading “True Calling + Skills = Value”

Mark Manson’s Quick Time Audit

Don’t think you have time for getting into a side business or learning a new skill? Before trying any of the recommended ideas for getting more done in your days like getting up at 4am each morning and trying schedule-based triggers. Before continuing with the assumption that you don’t have the time. Do a quickContinue reading “Mark Manson’s Quick Time Audit”

Fuck Hustle! Doing the least is the only real way to succeed

Introduction The feeling of not getting anywhere in life sux. Feeling like we aren’t making a difference – that we are drifting, merely existing rather than truly living. That we are not fully engaged. We are not getting the full benefits that are available. That we are not living a full life – whatever thatContinue reading “Fuck Hustle! Doing the least is the only real way to succeed”

Time is Money or Money is Time?

Money is like health. It’s not much use on its own but it is an enabler. It has the potential to allow us to a) get more enjoyment out of the things we do; and b) do more things. Health enables you to enjoy your time better and it might even give you more ofContinue reading “Time is Money or Money is Time?”

Learning from Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is an entrepreneur who built the billion dollar nutrition company, Quest Nutrition and went on to develop Impact Theory where he publishes podcast type videos including in-depth interviews with many highly successful people. This is quite an incredible (and inspiring) story of Bilyeu’s journey he gave as the keynote to Freedom Fast LaneContinue reading “Learning from Tom Bilyeu”

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