Systematic experimentation of intuitions (Dan Ariely)

We have many intuitions in our life and the point is that many of these intuitions are wrong. Dan Ariely One of the first questions that came to mind when I started to understand the breadth and depth of human bias was: How do I avoid all this crap? Whilst on a bit of aContinue reading “Systematic experimentation of intuitions (Dan Ariely)”

Kinesthetic learning

Author Robert Greene Through the elaboration of these two traits—the visual and the social—our primitive ancestors were able to invent and develop the complex skill of hunting some two to three million years ago. Slowly, they became more creative, refining this complex skill into an art. They became seasonal hunters and spread throughout the Euro-AsiaContinue reading “Kinesthetic learning”

Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling

DiSC is a 4 ‘style’ model where people are placed within 4 basic quadrants made up of: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Within each of these, there are 3 further divisions that are expressed in relation to the bordering quadrant. For example I’m plotted within the Di division of the Dominance quadrant, very close toContinue reading “Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling”

Inner Wisdom – Tuning in to emotions and physical cues

I was fortunate to hear a talk about Inner Wisdom over the weekend at a conference. The presenter was telling her story and clearly there was a strong emotional component and later a breakthrough that gave things context and a powerful lesson. The lesson was that there are ways to tell if you are actingContinue reading “Inner Wisdom – Tuning in to emotions and physical cues”

The power in questioning ourselves (Jeff Bezos)

Jeff Bezos came up with the following piece of wisdom “I observed people who are right a lot, and I noticed a few things about them. People who are right a lot, they listen a lot.  And people who are right a lot, change their mind a lot.  And people who are right a lot,Continue reading “The power in questioning ourselves (Jeff Bezos)”

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