Fat loss tips from Ben Greenfield

It seems that there are numerous things we can do to assist our health both from a general lifestyle perspective and then around our eating in particular. Greenfield also refers to several services that provide DNA tests that can indicate things like micro-nutrient deficiencies biotin coenzyme Q10 vitamin D Inside Tracker, Thorne, Wellness FX HeContinue reading “Fat loss tips from Ben Greenfield”

Try a Morning Ritual experiment

Having a great start to your day can make the world of difference in all areas of your life. Just ask Tim Ferriss: “If you win the morning, you win the day” The first part of my morning consists of 5 micro-habits. Very small, very short activities that get me going on a morning. 1.Continue reading “Try a Morning Ritual experiment”

Going with the (energy) flow …

Like the natural environment the human body follows natural ebbs and flows. Energy and attention go up and down in waves throughout the day at roughly 90 minute intervals. Then sleep patterns kick in and they also behave in waves as we go through the 5 stages of sleep – these collectively also last aroundContinue reading “Going with the (energy) flow …”

New Zealand men are getting fat

The article’s headline reads: If you’re a man, you’re probably overweight It’s based on the startling fact that New Zealand is 3rd in the OECD for men who are either overweight or obese. in general men tend not to think about their health very much, often only addressing issues when something goes badly wrong. I’veContinue reading “New Zealand men are getting fat”

Latest Research: You can’t be fat AND fit at the same time … for long

The findings of recent research from the University of Birmingham in the UK conclude There had been debate about the concept of people being thought of as both fat AND fit at the same time. Definitions of Fat and Fit ‘Fat’ (Obese) ‘Fit’ Those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) in excess of 30 kg/m2 Those whoContinue reading “Latest Research: You can’t be fat AND fit at the same time … for long”

Dave Asprey – Nutcase or Sage?

I started out thinking one way and am now swinging towards the other – past halfway at least. I first became aware of Dave Asprey from a podcast he did with James Altucher: Ep. 153 – Dave Asprey: How to Bulletproof your Life. The only notes I took from this podcast were: Tech guru billionaire whoContinue reading “Dave Asprey – Nutcase or Sage?”

Finally a start on the truth about Saturated Fat [British Journal of Sports Medicine]

Saturated fat does not clog the arteries … http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2017/03/31/bjsports-2016-097285 Selected extracts Compared with physically inactive individuals, those who walk briskly at or above 150 min/week can increase life expectancy by 3.4–4.5 years independent of body weight.9 Regular brisk walking may also be more effective than running in preventing coronary disease. And just 30 min of moderate activityContinue reading “Finally a start on the truth about Saturated Fat [British Journal of Sports Medicine]”

Time Restricted Feeding and Circadian Rhythm

Eating only within a defined time period within daylight hours can be very advantageous to your health. The human body has a vast range of functions to perform – many of the critical ones happen between the last meal we eat and when we go to sleep. Others occur while we are asleep. These functionsContinue reading “Time Restricted Feeding and Circadian Rhythm”

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