Fasting notes

Prolong fasting benefits by eating conifers Try different cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, or kale* during your fast and evaluate your results.  This would be very interesting to try … broccoli for breakfast … First thing Kale … Tumeric (Cumin) Something else to try: Polyphenols `You’ll probably get more [benefits] with polyphenols in yourContinue reading “Fasting notes”

Fat loss tips from Ben Greenfield

It seems that there are numerous things we can do to assist our health both from a general lifestyle perspective and then around our eating in particular. Greenfield also refers to several services that provide DNA tests that can indicate things like micro-nutrient deficiencies biotin coenzyme Q10 vitamin D Inside Tracker, Thorne, Wellness FX HeContinue reading “Fat loss tips from Ben Greenfield”

5 reasons why we should all be eating Black Beans

1. They’re filling Anyone who’s tried to eat a whole cup of black beans will testify that it filled them up good and proper. A cup of black beans is only 218 calories. 2. They don’t taste like crap A lot of Mexican food recipes include black beans and they taste quite good. 3. TheyContinue reading “5 reasons why we should all be eating Black Beans”

The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase II

So I’ve pretty much filled out the first part of the Garden Enclosure and it’s time to expand operations. Before I can plant anything more, I need to secure the surroundings so it doesn’t just become a peacock snack. First piece of work was to dig posts and place the centre beam. Then I needContinue reading “The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase II”

The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase I

The (first) Enclosure … The dogs pretty much ran the rabbits out of town but it was always the birds who were the problem. Bob is a beautiful specimen for sure but him and his buddies are detrimental to ruin any efforts at growing vegetables without adequate protection. A large garden is a no-brainer whenContinue reading “The Garden Project – Step 1 of Phase I”

The Garden Project – Step 3 of Phase I

Instead of getting more and more worked up about the cost of food in this country – which has skyrocketed of late – I decided I would go all out to grow our own. I had built an initial garden bed a couple of years ago and covered it with the large cloth netting thatContinue reading “The Garden Project – Step 3 of Phase I”

The case against short-term, Boot-Camp style programs

As a means of instigating lasting change, a limited time fitness challenge is NOT the way to go. Here’s the top 5 reasons why 1. Misplaced focus Limited time frame programs are often promoted with cheesy lines like these: Focusing on getting to a specific day in as good a shape as possible is entirelyContinue reading “The case against short-term, Boot-Camp style programs”

Try a Morning Ritual experiment

Having a great start to your day can make the world of difference in all areas of your life. Just ask Tim Ferriss: “If you win the morning, you win the day” The first part of my morning consists of 5 micro-habits. Very small, very short activities that get me going on a morning. 1.Continue reading “Try a Morning Ritual experiment”

The numbers-based approach to fat loss

The most calories are burned performing everyday activities (including rest). Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RBR) accounts for burning 60-70% of the calories we use up in a day. Exercise comes next at 15-30% and Digestion accounts for between 10-15%. So on a purely pragmatic basis, the question we should all be asking: What can weContinue reading “The numbers-based approach to fat loss”

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