Box Breathing – the ultimate between meetings gear up

Meetings where you’ve been required to focus your energy, contribute significantly, connect ideas in a high paced, collaborative environment with fast thinkers is taxing. I find it exhilarating being part of group flow. Feeling the energy surging around the room as ideas are shared, articulated, and placed spatially in the mind. Well that’s what happensContinue reading “Box Breathing – the ultimate between meetings gear up”

Dr Andrew Huberman discussed the keys to behaviour change … and lots of other cool shit

The chemical equation for bahaviour change is simple enough: Start with focus and urgency to stimulate acetylcholine + norepinephrine; then Ensure there is (self) reward to release dopamine Dopamine suppresses the norepinephrine so you can sustain the effort Ensure there is deep rest because this is where change occurs [potentially interesting c/ref theta brain states]Continue reading “Dr Andrew Huberman discussed the keys to behaviour change … and lots of other cool shit”

Feeling emotions in your body

as you get to know how your body manifests different emotional states, you might check in first with the body to see what’s going on for you emotionally. Your body becomes a barometer of your emotional state As I read this post I thought about the advice in Susan David’s Emotional Agility to takeContinue reading “Feeling emotions in your body”

Key to mental longevity – always be thinking

“Anything difficult where you have to think – is good for your brain.” Dr Rahul Jandial ABT = Always Be Thinking “If your not using parts of it, it will program itself to let those parts of the garden wither.  So The diversity of thinking and the depth of thinking just one level past of whatContinue reading “Key to mental longevity – always be thinking”

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