The Multipotentialite Scale

I just took the Multipotentialite quiz at provided by Emilie Wapnick, after I watched her interesting TED Talk. My Results You scored somewhere in the middle of the Simultaneous-Sequential spectrum. You’re a mixed-style multipotentialite! Some multipotentialites just like to mix up the way they work. These mixed-style multipotentialites are not totally into the simultaneous styleContinue reading “The Multipotentialite Scale”

Kurt Vonnegut on creative expression as self awareness

My awareness of Kurt Vonnegut came from 2 Eighties movies Footloose – Early scene where the main character talks about Slaughterhouse 5 as ‘a classic’; and Back to School where the Rodney Dangerfield character hires the actual Vonnegut (who cameos in the movie) to write an English paper on himself So this is from aContinue reading “Kurt Vonnegut on creative expression as self awareness”

Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling

DiSC is a 4 ‘style’ model where people are placed within 4 basic quadrants made up of: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Within each of these, there are 3 further divisions that are expressed in relation to the bordering quadrant. For example I’m plotted within the Di division of the Dominance quadrant, very close toContinue reading “Personality Tests – DiSC Profiling”

VIA Character Strength Profile

I completed the VIA Character Strength personality test at their website recently after a talk at my workplace. Follow the link on this page to take the free test. Results were pretty much as expected. 2. and 3. are particularly accurate – witnessed by the blog and by a relentless curiosity to pursue both professionalContinue reading “VIA Character Strength Profile”

Personality Test methods and links

There is useful knowledge to be gained from understanding your particular personality-based traits. You can potentially do more using the areas where you are (naturally) strong and improve where you know you may typically struggle. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself and how you tend to come across to others. Psychometric testing is alsoContinue reading “Personality Test methods and links”

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