My first iOS App: CO2 Calculator

Carbon reporting consultancy AirShed had a basic CO2 calculator on its website. It was designed to raise awareness of people’s carbon footprint. Providing carbon assessments to organisations was AirShed’s core business. They also sold certified carbon offsets from their website and so the calculator became a promotional pathway. It was also a pathway to contentContinue reading “My first iOS App: CO2 Calculator”

Decision Support Tool

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) was required to help businesses understand new food regulations that impact all food manufacture, retail and supply. There was more flexibility in the regulations but this also meant that businesses needed to understand their choices and how they applied to their operations. Requirements The business rules and logic flowContinue reading “Decision Support Tool”

Rapid Prototype – Lo fidelity, mobile

The Ministry of Education needed a way for their field-based people to capture data to support their At Risk Child Intervention Recording System. The mobile recording requirements were not particularly well articulated at that point. Project stakeholders needed to demonstrate that they had considered the needs of their support people who have a lot ofContinue reading “Rapid Prototype – Lo fidelity, mobile”

Product Design: Weigh Scale Interface

Animal management and manufacturing company Gallagher needed a new weigh scale unit to bridge the gap in their product range and respond to their main competitor earning considerable market share in that gap. This was a bit like the iPhone vs Galaxy story where Samsung went to lengths to offer mobile handsets at every dimensionContinue reading “Product Design: Weigh Scale Interface”

Mobile UX: Light Bulb Finder

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) provide a variety of tools to help consumers make energy efficient choices. In a lot of cases, energy efficient alternatives come with cost savings – sometimes significant cost savings like in the example of light bulbs. The Challenge – Getting consumers to understand the value of energy efficientContinue reading “Mobile UX: Light Bulb Finder”

Clickable Prototype: Tariff Finder look-up

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) negotiate and manage the country’s Free Trade Agreements (FTA) for the New Zealand Government. They need to make the details of agreements accessible to current and potential exporters. Tariff levels typically decrease over a period of time so the details help people involved in those industries planContinue reading “Clickable Prototype: Tariff Finder look-up”

Mobile first – Tyre Tools: Pressure and Fuel Efficiency Finders

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) provide a variety of tools to help motorists make fuel efficient choices. Keeping tyres at the manufacturer’s approved pressure improves safety and fuel performance. Requirement A mobile tool to encourage people to consider the purchase of fuel efficient tyres. I designed the fuel efficient tyre tool to provideContinue reading “Mobile first – Tyre Tools: Pressure and Fuel Efficiency Finders”

Clickable Prototype: Natural Health Products Register

The Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill requires the registration of natural health products in a national online database. The Ministry of Health was tasked with developing the database but had no user requirements to work from, only a list of fields drawn from the draft regulations. The Ministry’s project team was required to consultContinue reading “Clickable Prototype: Natural Health Products Register”

Translating Complexity: NABERS NZ

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) purchased a building energy rating system from their counterparts in Australia for deployment in New Zealand. The system consisted of a 17 sheet workbook that contained multiple functions, arrays and formulas – and a ton of supporting documentation (they’re big on Governance in Australia). The core requirement DeliverContinue reading “Translating Complexity: NABERS NZ”

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