‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions

Within hours of our first iPhone application going live, we had our first enquiry and our first product improvement suggestion. It was 2007 and ‘Panorama’ sold over 150 copies in the first 48 hours. At $USD10 each, we were in the money … kind of. Rather than just pay big taxes on my share ofContinue reading “‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions”

The not-so-passive truth about Passive Income

A lot of entrepreneur wannabees talk about ‘passive income’. You see their adds on Youtube all the time. I recall a piece of advice a speaker gave to our leaving class at high school. He said: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t” There is passive income where someone creates andContinue reading “The not-so-passive truth about Passive Income”

Human/electric powered vehicles – the Velove Armadillo

I seriously want one of these Velove Armadillo (http://velove.se/) I like the slightly higher seating position to typical tadpole trikes which are very low to the ground. A bit safer being higher up where the eye line is likely to be on par with car drivers. This would make it easier for me to getContinue reading “Human/electric powered vehicles – the Velove Armadillo”

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