The numbers-based approach to fat loss

The most calories are burned performing everyday activities (including rest). Our Resting Metabolic Rate (RBR) accounts for burning 60-70% of the calories we use up in a day. Exercise comes next at 15-30% and Digestion accounts for between 10-15%. So on a purely pragmatic basis, the question we should all be asking: What can weContinue reading “The numbers-based approach to fat loss”

The truth about when to do what: Weights v Cardio

I’m a true believer in the Game Theory concept of Maxi-Min: Maximise minimum gains. Get the most you possibly can out of something good – even if it is just a little bit. When it comes to health, I translate that as being: Take advantage of every little thing that is available to you includingContinue reading “The truth about when to do what: Weights v Cardio”

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