Practical Body Language Tells & Other Tricks

[Initial List is from  Travis Bradbury’s 10 Harmless Mind Tricks that Make People Like You with my own notes added in] 1. When a group of people laughs, each member of the group can’t help but make eye contact with the person they feel closest to Observe relationships of all types See which members ofContinue reading “Practical Body Language Tells & Other Tricks”

‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions

Within hours of our first iPhone application going live, we had our first enquiry and our first product improvement suggestion. It was 2007 and ‘Panorama’ sold over 150 copies in the first 48 hours. At $USD10 each, we were in the money … kind of. Rather than just pay big taxes on my share ofContinue reading “‘Do Nothing’ – The first response to product improvement suggestions”

What to do after you realise you absolutely must become a salesperson

In his Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything, writer-entrepreneur James Altucher says: Like many people, I always looked down on the concept of “selling.” It seemed like something lower than me. Here’s a quick run-through of his 10 item Cheat Sheet and my short take on each one … A) Friendship Fact: People buy from people theyContinue reading “What to do after you realise you absolutely must become a salesperson”

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